With with new version of Loup we are bringing back logo click to call. When a number appears in the browser, Loup will put the company icon next to the phone number so a user can simple click to call out. Numbers will appear for the number variations below. Users can turn off this feature by selecting the toggle switch.  



(555) 555-5555📞




1 (555) 555-5555📞


Company Name




Screen pops

Click to call

Logo click to call

Click to call auto answer

Click to call TEL link

Portal Links

Portal home

View call history

View contacts


First & Last Name


The new Settings tab allows users to make changes to how their specific extension works. 

This setting turns on/off screen pops for incoming calls, but NOT for manual screen pops. 

This setting turns off click to call in the browser but NOT in the extension. 

Toggle buttons turn on/off selected feature.

This setting turns on auto answer for click calls both in the extension and the browser. This feature uses the Netsapiens call API and "auto" string to automatically answer the calls. 

This feature overrides HTML TEL: links to initiate click to call. For example, when a websites HTML code shows a link like thins "<a href="tel:1-800-724-7100">1-800-724-7100</a>" when the link is clicked Loup will click to call instead of launching a local app like Skype or Hangouts. Here is another example, when this number (8107300054) is clicked Loup will click to call. 

These icons are simply links back to the Netsapines portal for users to access. The link is the URL API for the company followed by the back slash below. 

Portal Home = /portal/home

View call history = /portal/callhistory

View contacts = /portal/contacts

Click the icons for an example.