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It's time to connect your phone system to Google Chrome! 

Loup is a private label PBX integration software to help service providers close more deals, capture more revenue, and retain more customers by offering a one of a kind feature set.

Private labelled extension

We will build a private labelled Google Chrome extension purpose-built to integrate with your existing PBX. 

chrome extension.PNG

Single sign-on authentication

Our extensions leverage the power of single sign-on to make use authentication simple and easy. 


Click to call

Our extensions offer 4 different variations of click to call, all of which can be turned on or off.

Call history

View call history right in the Chrome extension and quickly call back or perform a screen pop via our quick action buttons.

Speed dial contacts

Load your favorite contacts into the Chrome extension for easy push-button speed dialling.

Custom links

The extension is prebuilt with quick links back to the PBX reporting dashboard.

Your new app

Below is how your new Google Chrome extension will look and feel.

loup v14 screen shot (1).png

Admin portal

Our admin portal allows is purpose build for support. Track users, domains, integrations and more.

User management

Our management menu makes it easy to see every user signed in to your app, what CRM they are using, and export the report for billing. 

Netsapiens quick links

Have a question about a user or domain? No problem, simply click PBX and our APIs will auto log you in to your Netsapiens admin portal. 

Domain tracker

With our domain tracker see how many domains are using your extension, how many users are in that domain, and export the report for billing. 

Service Provider ROI

We do NOT charge per user! Instead, we charge per extension so the more people using your extension the cheaper it gets per user and the greater the Return on Investment for you!




Small ROI

Massive ROI

Zero ROI


Over 30 pre-built integrations

We offer over 30 pr-built integrations but if you don't see an application you are looking for, no problem. Our admin portal offers an integrations menu that allows managers to add any CRM in seconds. The best part, our CRM integration list is open-sourced so as other companies using our platform add integrations it benefits the community. See a list of a few of our pre-built integrations below. 

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